Assistive touch on Android devices

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The Assistive Touch is an iPhone function that allows you to reach some functions if you have trouble performing some of the gestures on your device, like a pinch or multi-finger swipe. But it is often used when the “physical buttons” of the smartphone do not work properly.

Unfortunately, apart from the Iphone, this function is not integrated on Android smartphones. But we can enable the assistive touch it via an application!

Let’s see how to do it:

  • Download and install the Assistive Touch App for Android from the Play Store (link);
  • Once opened the application, choose Start Assistive to show the icon that allows to access the shortcuts;
  • The icon can be activated with a double-tap (if you want to move it to another location on the screen, just hold it).

If you want to customize the look and the Assistive Touch functions, just enter the App, where you will find the Theme section and you can choose a color other than the default.
Under Setting, instead, we find: Panel Setting where you can choose the shortcuts that you prefer; Display to set the transparency and the size of the icon; Advanced, to set the lock screen (but, to make this feature work, your phone has to be rooted).

To disable the Assistive Touch simply choose Stop Assistive!

Try it now!

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