HiVoice error on Huawei smartphone

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If you have recently upgraded Android, you will surely notice that every time we access a new application, we are asked the Consent to authorize the app to use the data and the functions of our smartphones (Contacts,Camera, Gallery, etc.) . These permissions are not only asked for applications previously downloaded from the Play Store, but also for those pre-installed on your smartphone.

As a result of these updates, in the Huawei devices, many users have found a problem with the HiVoice process. If the Authorization to this process is not given properly, we will find the following error screen:

HiVoice error: this app does not have the necessary permissions for starting. Verify permission settings.

This notification warns us that the application doesn’t have permission to work properly and that it’s necessary to provide for changing settings.

Let’s see how to authorize HiVoice:

  • Open your Settings – App;
  • Select the voice menu (bottom right) and choose Show system processes;
  • Scroll the list to find Hivoice process and tap it;

HiVoice error

  • From the Application info, enter Permissions;
  • We authorize all entries: Storage, Contacts,Camera, Microphone and Phone.

Done! The HiVoice app will be authorized properly and the error will no longer be shown.

Note: If while using the smartphone will be asked again to authorize HiVoice, simply select Allow for all the operations required!

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One thought on “HiVoice error on Huawei smartphone

  • November 9, 2017 at 7:08 am

    hi voice app is not showing in honor6x


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