Nokia Lumia 630 LCD replacement

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The touch/LCD of your Nokia Lumia 630 is damaged and you don’t know how to repair it?

Don’t worry! We will explain you the simple steps to “DIY” repair!

What you need:

  • Nokia Lumia 630 touch/LCD
  • Plastic tools or iSesamo
  • Torx T4 screwdriver

STEP 1 Turn off the phone and remove the back cover.


STEP 2 Now, remove the battery, the MicroSD card and SIM card.


STEP 3 With a torx T4 screwdriver, remove all the screws from the frame of your device.




STEP 4 With a plastic tool or iSesamo, remove the middle frame and open it gently from right to left (see photo).


Nokia Lumia 630 LCD replacement

STEP 5  Disconnect the touch screen/LCD connector.


STEP 6 Remove the speaker from the old touch / LCD and place it in the new one. You can safely insert it with your hands since it is attached with adhesive. Usually in the new parts, we find the new adhesive to attach the speaker.


STEP 7 Connect the new touch screen’s connector and reassemble the phone.

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