How to read Whatsapp messages without showing last seen

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How many times you (like me) have postponed the reading of a message in the order to avoid the fateful blue ticks. Sometimes because you do not want to answer them, or simply because you do not have enough time for doing that.

There are people that pulling down their notifications bar, this method is not effective and this could be only be helpful if there are a few messages on it, but if there are many, you will not be able to read everything, unless you open the applications for reading them all.

We will explain you a simple tip for reading your messages without logging on for a smartphone android: just add the widget of Whatsapp on your home or at the lock screen for have a full preview of all your massages that you have received and unread on Whatsapp!

The widget allows you to scroll through the unread messages, if we select a message of a determined contact, he bring us on the relative conversation.

How to insert the widget

For add the widget at the home of your smartphone, you need only to search it in to the available widget and add them to the screen.

read Whatsapp messages without showing last seen

If you have Android 4.4 KitKat it’s much more comfortable if you add the widget on the lock screen: with that we avoid to fill the home with the widget, but the most important thing is: we avoid that those who come temporarily in possession of our smartphones can easily read our messages. With this method, in fact, it’s necessary make a swipe on the lock screen to bring up the widget.

Also with this method no one can be able to know that we have read their messages, our last
access hour and the last will remain unchanged if we do not open the App!

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