Samsung Galaxy A5 touch screen replacement

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The touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy A5 A500 is damaged and you don’t know where to turn for repair?

All rigth! We will explain today the simple steps to “DIY” repair!

What you need:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 A500 touch screen LCD
  • Plastic opening tools
  • Heat gun

Proceed to Samsung Galaxy A5 touch screen replacement

Turn off the device.

Heat the touch screen for 5-10 minutes with a hot air gun.

geek's lab a3(1)

Apply a suction cup and raise the glass. As the glass is partially raised, insert a plastic opening tool.

Samsung Galaxy A3 touch screen replacement

Disconnect the touch screen connector from the logic board, as shown in the picture below.

Samsung Galaxy A5 touch screen replacement

Go on with the removal of the touch screen, taking care of the Menu and Back soft keys. Help with a tool to unstick them from the old touch screen without damaging them. Put aside the Home button that must be placed again before reassembling the device.

geek's lab a3 (4)

geek's lab a3 (5)

Connect the new touch screen’s connector and reassemble the phone.

Done! Now your Galaxy A3 will look like a brand new phone!!

DISCLAIMER: Geek’s Lab will not be held responsible for any damage caused by uncorrect use of the guide.

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