How to Restore Windows 8 display calibration

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Windows 8 provides the possibility to adjust, the calibration of the display of your computer. From the Control Panel, you can reach the color calibration tool.

However, the integrated tool of Windows is rarely suitable if we want professional results. Especially if we don’t have a suitable instrumentation to perform proper calibration.

Moreover, once the calibration is done, it could happen (and usually this is always the case) that you are not fully satisfied with the result, and you keep playing with RGB levels, hoping to restore the default calibration of the display that the system provides.
There isn’t, oddly, a function that restores the original RGB levels without having to fiddle around too much.

Let’s see how to restore Windows 8 display calibration

First, we suggest you go to Control Panel – Color Management and uncheck “Use custom settings for the device”. If you see an immediate change in the calibration, you probably have solved the problem and restored the factory calibration.

Windows 8 display calibration

But very often, this method does not solve the problem. As proof, since many computer load the current calibration after a few seconds after the boot, you can restart the computer and watch a color (preferably white). If, after a few seconds, the color temperature changes, it means that you have not solved the problem and you have to go on with this guide.

The most effective and painless method is the deletion of the Windows user that has set the calibration. In fact (thankfully), Windows stores the calibration only for the user that has changed it, leaving unchanged that of other users.
So, just put all your data in a safe location (a data partition on your PC or, better yet, external hard drive), create a new account and delete the old one! You will lose all data, programs installed from Store and Settings. So, be patient and go ahead, if you want to solve the problem permanently. Let’s see how:


Before deleting it, you can create another account with administrator credentials different from yours, (see below “Create new account administrator, from step 1,” or take advantage of an existing one, asking for credentials to another user). From this account:

  • Go to Control Panel – Manage another account. If requested, provide an administrator password or confirmation;
  • Click the account you want to delete and click Delete Account;
  • Indicate whether you want to keep or delete the files created under the account by clicking Keep Files or Delete Files;
  • Click Delete Account.


Using the admin account you just created (or at least, the one that already exists):

  • Go back to the Control Panel, and click User Accounts;
  • Click Manage another account and then click Add a new user in the settings of the PC;
  • Click Add an account;
  • Add all the information needed.

Perfect, your calibration is now the factory one! If you are not fully convinced of this thing, you can always, as a last resort, restore the system from the PC Settings!

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