Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review

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If you like listening to music and watching movies or TV series from your smartphone, the bluetooth speaker is the right accessory for you. We want to review today, a bluetooth speaker that impressed us for the good quality and the good price. We are talking about the Tronsmart Element Mega bluetooth speaker.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Output: 20W x 2
  • Frequency: 115 Hz – 18 KHz
  • Distortion: ≤1.0%
  • Battery: 3.7V / 3300mAh x 2
  • Power Supply: 5V / 2.1A
  • Built-in microphone: Yes
  • Power supply type: micro usb
  • Weight: 634 gr
  • Size: 190x80x52 mm


The package with which the Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart Element Mega 40W is presented, is very interesting. An elegant box, very accurate in details and that at first glance gives us hope for the product. Inside we find: a bluetooth speaker, a 53 cm charging cable, a 52 cm aux cable and, finally, an instruction manual (in English).


Its “brick” shape is well balanced. The backlit soft touch keys on the top contrast the black color that characterizes the speaker. The material is cheap, but not too much if we consider that the speaker is low cost. A metal grid covers 70% of the surface, while the remaining part is covered with a matt black plastic body. At the bottom we find two rubber feet that improve grip on slippery surfaces. We also find an LED positioned along the perimeter and which comes into operation when the device is turned on. On the back we find the input in (aux), the ON / OFF button, the input for the microSD (TF CARD) and finally the micro usb connector to charge the speaker.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker


The connection with our device is very simple. In fact, it is sufficient to switch on the loudspeaker and proceed to search for the bluetooth devices from the device. This speaker also gives us the ability to connect through the NFC function by simply placing our device on the appropriate NFC icon that we find at the top.

The bluetooth connection guarantees a “work” area of about 20 meters. This obviously if there are no walls or other obstacles between the devices; in that case the coverage is reduced. As specified in the technical data sheet, the loudspeaker has a microphone that allows us to respond with confidence to our voice calls.

The MODE key that we find at the top, allows us to switch between bluetooth, aux or microSD connection depending on the source you are using for playback. Very interesting the idea of ​​the slide-to-control mechanism of the volume keys (to the right to increase, to the left to decrease) even if in our opinion, little precise. However, this is not a “relevant problem” because we can press directly on the + and – icons to manage the volume. The soft touch keys are very precise and give an immediate response to the touch.

A very interesting feature integrated into this bluetooth speaker is True Wireless Stereo (TWS). This feature allows you to pair an identical speaker (Tronsmart Element Mega 40W) for stereo playback. To enable the devices just turn them both on and press the MODE button for 2 seconds on one of the two speakers. A sound will show us the successful coupling.

The TF Card slot supports a micro SD card with a capacity of up to 64GB.


As indicated by the manufacturer and by our tests, the battery life guarantees a reproduction of about 15 hours at medium or low volume. When the battery is about to discharge, we will see the MODE key flash red. To recharge the Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth speaker we can use the charger of our smartphone; in fact, in the box there is not a dedicated battery charger but only the cable. The time required for a full charge (100%) is approximately three and a half hours.


The speaker is equipped with two 20W drivers each and a small central subwoofer. DSP and 3D Digital Sound technologies allow optimal listening even in wide places. The volume, especially at high levels is considerable, but the real quality we reach it at a volume set by 80% down. Unfortunately, the high volume sacrifices considerably the quality of the sound, which is completely preserved at slightly lower volumes.


If you plan to buy a Tronsmart Element Mega bluetooth speaker, you can not buy the matching Tronsmart case. With just over € 10.00 this case protects our speaker from bumps and scratches during transport. Inside we find a small pocket where to insert our cables and some small accessories. The case is extremely resistant and is able to protect the speaker from possible splashes of water. A handle positioned on the side of the case further facilitates transport.


This speaker impressed us a lot and gave us the opportunity to know the Tronsmart brand. Brand that we appreciated for the attention to detail despite the low prices. The PRO of the loudspeaker are: battery life and the sound quality decidedly appreciable at not too high volumes. As against, high volumes sacrifice sound quality. We must however keep in mind that the product in question is part of a low cost range of bluetooth speakers!



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