Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

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An important change made by Microsoft on Windows 10 refers at the updates. The updates on Windows 10 are made automatically.

Unfortunately, this news isn’t appreciated by all users. Keeping an updated system is useful for the security and stability of the system. In most cases, the updates try to resolve system bugs and increase the functions of our system!

You can’t turn off updates from Windows Update, so we want to show some simple metod to block them.

1. Set the Wi-Fi connection as metered

One of the new features of Windows 10 is a metered connection. This feature minimizes the usage data when we use a hotspot, so even system updates are disabled. If we use a wifi connection, we can enable “a meteres connection” when we use a common network without limits.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar at the bottom right side of the screen and select Network settings (alternatively, you can reach the menu from Start > Settings > Network and internet > Wi-Fi);
  • Click on the network you are connected;
  • Turn the slider on under “Set as metered connection”,which will enable the function.


2. Turn Off Windows Update Service

Another method to block the updates is to turn off Windows Update service.

  • Press Win + R (Run), give the command services.msc and press Enter;


  • Scroll down the services list and select with double-click Windows Update;
  • Change the Startup Type setting to Disabled;

Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

  • Apply the change!

To undo the change, set the service to Automatic!

3. For Windows 10 Pro users

The Windows 10 Pro users, have another alternative:

  • Press Win + R (Run), give the command gpedit.msc and press enter;
  • Go to Computer Configuration – Amministrative templates – Windows Components – Windows Update;
  • Select with double-click Configure Automatic Updates;
  • At the top, we choose Enabled;
  • Finally, from the lower dropdown menu we set 2 – Notice to download and install and give the OK.

To reset everything just select the top item: Not configured.

Each method is easy to use and allows us in a few steps to restore the default settings should we decide to re-enable automatic updates !!

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    The first might work but not the other


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